What We Do

Consider the Office of Corporate Relations your front door to the University of Notre Dame. Whether you have interests in research, talent, branding, or anything else, we have the partnerships and relationships on campus to make sure you are connected to the right areas. We are more than happy to help coordinate your interaction on campus so that you can have an efficient and effective relationship with Notre Dame.


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Simply put, our students are talented leaders who want to do good in the world. Let our team help connect you in many ways to students at the University of Notre Dame. Our undergrads are some of the best and brightest high school students in the country. Approximately 43% were in the top 2% of their high school class and nearly 90% were in the top 10%. Not only are they really smart, but they serve humbly and lead effectively. Over 87% of them performed community service while in high school and 42% of them were captains of a varsity sport. A great partner of ours, the Career Center provides undergraduate students with career counseling and career development services, self-assessments, workshops, presentations for academic departments, career fairs, and mock interviews, in addition to other services.

Notre Dame Research

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The University of Notre Dame has entered a new chapter in its history, one with a renewed focus on expanding its research enterprise. Notre Dame has taken the first step with a bold commitment of internal funds and other resources, supplementing funding from external grants and gifts, all intended to advance its excellence in research. The funding of cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research initiatives promises to broaden our scholars’ contributions on key global issues and underscores our aspiration to serve society as a premier research university. Our team of corporate relations directors interacts daily with the faculty and staff of the research enterprise and can help you find the areas that will further your product or technology.

The IDEA Center

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The University has made great strides in its effort to proliferate the ideas and innovation taking place on-campus.  Our office partners with our friends at the IDEA Center to both find inventions that might help compliment existing expertise, or even better, provide an opening to a market not yet explored. Standing for Innovation, De-Risking and Enterprise Acceleration, the IDEA Center is the fundamental resource for all commercialization and entrepreneurial activities at the University of Notre Dame. It provides the necessary space, services and expertise for idea development, commercialization, business formation, prototyping, entrepreneurial education and student entrepreneurial efforts. It is designed to bring the best Notre Dame faculty, staff and student ideas and innovations to market.

Corporate Social Responsibility

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The University of Notre Dame was founded more than 175 years ago with a bold vision of being a powerful force for good in the world. Corporate Social Responsibility has been ingrained in our DNA since day one. Our office can help connect you to the many areas on campus that align with your company's CSR mission. Whether it's STEM education, poverty, financial inclusion, clean water, or electrification, we have many groups who can help you achieve your goals. This is Notre Dame, this is what we do, this is who we are. 

Workforce Development

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The University has many different programs, both degree as well as certificate, geared towards workforce development. Whether it be keeping up with the ever changing world of technology, encouraging entrepreneurship, focusing in leadership, we have programs that will give your employees the skills they need to make your company better.