Prof Prashant Kamat, left, works with graduate students on the solar panels on the roof of Stinson-Remick Hall of Engineering

The University of Notre Dame has entered a new chapter in its history, one with a renewed focus on expanding its research enterprise. Notre Dame has taken the first step with a bold commitment of internal funds and other resources, supplementing funding from external grants and gifts, all intended to advance its excellence in research. The funding of cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research initiatives promises to broaden our scholars’ contributions on key global issues and underscores our aspiration to serve society as a premier research university.

The focus is on conducting research that creates a product that will have an impact on the greater good of humanity. The undergraduate research program seeks to develop within students a deeper appreciation of the society that science serves. This holistic approach is a sine qua non for success in an increasingly complex and globally connected world.

“Excellence in research is a central goal at Notre Dame for many reasons, but most of all because it is through the scholarly and creative work of our faculty and students that the University is better able to serve society, which is our driving ambition.” —Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., President of the University of Notre Dame


Partner Spotlight: General Electric

Why Notre Dame? Nathan Littrell, the GE project manager in charge of the collaboration, explains:

It comes down to Notre Dame being a good university. GE hires a lot of graduates and they've been very successful. We have a long recruiting relationship with Notre Dame and consider it one of our executive campuses—the extension of that into a research partnership is what's new. GE looks forward to incorporating the results of the research into our our products and services.

Sprint and ND Wireless Institute Study How College Students Communicate

Does mobile technology actually help students learn to better express themselves and ultimately enhance their face-to-face interactions? Such questions will be studied and answered during a pioneering, three-year study by The Wireless Institute, the University of Notre Dame’s preeminent research center aimed at developing innovations and educating students in wireless technology, economics and regulatory policy. Sprint is helping The Wireless Institute by offering 200 devices and two years of service for the students who volunteer for the study, funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

“Mobile technology is central to the lives of American youth,” said Sprint CEO Dan Hesse. “They’re masters at social networking, gaming and multi-tasking. There’s an interest in learning if this technology has changed their face-to-face behavior. We are honored to partner with such a highly respected university on this landmark study.”

EDAS Partnership


Experimental Design and Analysis Solutions, Inc. partnered with the University of Notre Dame and its Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Department. Students will be using a 64 channel EDAS-DS system with signal conditioning. EDAS appreciates the opportunity to assist students and their learning strategies. With the EDAS-DS system, Notre Dame’s engineering students will receive a hands-on approach to classroom education.

EDAS President and CEO, Dr. Kurt Nichol said, “We are pleased to begin this partnership with the University of Notre Dame. It is exciting to see an institution placing such a strong emphasis on its students by instilling hands-on technology for the classroom. Education like this is what prepares students for their future endeavors.”

Notre Dame's Strategic Research Investments

Refining Technology for a handheld diagnostic device that will improve healthcare throughout the world.

Notre Dame to pilot youth camp focused on innovation

In collaboration with corporate partners and local community organizations, Notre Dame will offer a pilot Innovative Thinkers Camp, a two-week summer experience created to encourage local youth to pursue individual achievement in academics and areas of future career interests.
Open to area seventh- through ninth-graders, the camp is sponsored by numerous Notre Dame departments, as well as Intel, Lenovo, the Lincoln Division of Ford Motor Company, La Casa de Amistad Inc., the Memorial Health System Pfeil Innovation Center, and others. Read More


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