Arizona Tax Credit Scholarships for Corporations

Every child deserves a chance to succeed.

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The University of Notre Dame’s Alliance for Catholic Education seeks to put more at-risk children on the path to college.  Unfortunately, half of all minority and low-income children will drop out of high school before graduation, and only a handful will ever attend college. 

Now corporations can partner with Notre Dame to provide an extraordinary educational opporutnity for at-risk kids attending ACE supported primary schools in Arizona.  Your company receives a 100% state tax credit for your donation to ACE school scholarships - an essentially no-cost contribution to at-risk-kids, hard-working families, and education in Arizona all with the backing of Notre Dame. 

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These unique corporate tax incentives are available in a few states.  In Arizona they are governed by Arizona Revised Statutes Title 43-1183 and have been available since 2006.

In 2011, 14 school tuition organizations received 110 donations from 69 companies totaling over $11,000,000 through the tax credit scholarship program. Last year, the pool of corporate funds grew to $33,000,000.


If your company is interested you would take the following steps:

1.   Before making a contribution, you must notify Notre Dame and the school tuition organization of the amount of the contribution you intend to make.

2.   The school tuition organization must request pre-approval from the Arizona Department of Revenue before accepting the contribution

3.   The school tuition organization must immediately notify the taxpayer of pre-approval or denial

4.   If pre-approved, you have 20 days to submit contribution to the school tuition organization or the pre-approval will expire

5.   Once contribution is made, you would obtain a copy of the school tuition organization’s preapproved application

6.   You would then submit Arizona Form 335 (Credit for Corporate Contributions to School Tuition Organization) along with preapproved application on their corporate tax return (form 120) in order to reduce your tax by 100% of the contributions made to the school tuition organization of their choice.

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It’s possible to remain anonymous or to publicize your donation through this process once you select the Notre Dame affiliated, qualified school tuition organizations.

Tax Credit FAQ

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Notre Dame Ace Academies have received contributions from New York Life ($200,000), AT&T ($800,000), Fastenal, Robert W. Baird, and one anonymous corporate donor in the last 2 years.